The money is NOT in the list!

The money is NOT in the list!

The cream of the crop businesses in the world, big and little, has something in common: They establish relationships with their customers on an emotional layer and then nourish those relationships.

A lot of small marketers get this wrong.

They utilize their marketing channels – Sending email, posting in Facebook, Sending Twitter etc… by only broadcasting sales messages to their market.

When they send out email – They hard sell.

When they post in Facebook. All they do is to push their products.

You are more likely to discover them sending links to their sales pages and opt-in pages, than reaching out to customers and future customers, and offering them help.

If every email you send or every message you type is to get someone to buy your products.

Then you are too short-sighted.


The real cash is not just in the list… It’s not just about getting how many clicks in your email. It’s not about how many people read your message.

But in the relationships you build with your list.

You have to understand that before your target market care about you or your business enterprise, you have to first earn that privilege.

This entails communication instead of simply selling.

It implies offering your target market independently valuable info (like a short blog post), instead of sales pitches.

It entails listening and really hearing.

It entails understanding, truly understanding, that behind each name, screen name, pic and avatar, is a fellow human.

It entails comprehending that you have to be in it for the long run, if you wish to stay in business.

It entails humanizing what has to be personal and automating what has to be automated AND recognizing the difference between the 2.

It implies comprehending that the procedure of giving and receiving begins with giving. (This is likely the most important point of all)

I mean really, think about your own dealings. When you call up your mechanic to have work done on your car (which you know is important and will likely cost you a bundle) what if your mechanic said ok number 678, bring your car in and I’ll try to sell you more than you need.

You would likely not go back there anymore.

In short: Business is all about individuals, focus on helping them to get what they want. Show them the benefits of your product or service and make sure to keep it as human as you can.