Disruptive Entrepreneurs Program ($1,900)

The Disruptive Entrepreneurs Program helps you understand how to start a business from scratch, scale up your company internationally within 12 months, or dominate whatever industry you’re in!

The Disruptive Entrepreneurs Program is a 2-Day live training that uncovered the secret to disrupting industry so your business can stand out in the sea of competition.

It covers:

  • How to create a brand instead of product
  • The secret to disrupting industry so that your brand can stand out from the sea of competitors
  • How to use ALR to lower your marketing costs by at least 50-80%
  • The formula to creating ONE marketing campaign that can last for years
  • How to create the buy button in your customers brain and get them to keep buying your product


Table Rush Formula ($20,000)

Table Rush Formula is an 8-week training program that teaches you how to create an unforgettable presentation using NeuroMarketing techniques.

The course also includes the secrets behind successful speakers who are being compensated tens of thousands per speech, as well as methods for keeping your audience engaged throughout your presentation!

We cover everything from:

  • Create a million dollar presentation
  • Increase your sales conversion up to 5x
  • How to use NeuroMarketing to make your presentation unforgettable
  • The selling secrets of how speakers are being paid tens of thousands of dollar per presentation
  • How to make your audience stay throughout your presentation like they are watching Game of thrones


Super Traders ($5,000)

Super Traders is a proven system that can help you get to the next level.

With its coaching, it’s easy for traders of all levels and experience-even beginners who want their first winning season!

The Super Trader mentor will teach even more about what makes this method so successful:

  • How to achieve max profit in both up and down direction
  • Stop wasting time on softwares and indictors that only give you less than 50% win rate
  • How to go from zero trading experience to trading like a pro in 8 weeks
  • The formula to reading chart and know the direction it is going in the next few days
  • Getting 100% return every year


Organic FB Stories Secrets ($2,000)

One of the most effective ways to increase sales and popularity on social media is through storytelling. Stories have been shown time after again as one way people connect, so why not use this principle in your marketing?

The Organic FB Story Secrets teaches you how!

This 28-day program shows users different types of stories they can create for their followers or fans including:

  • Get customer without spending a single cents on ads
  • Make your audience excited about your product
  • How to use FB algorithm to get your more customers
  • Creating engaging memorable stories that get your friends beg you to buy your product
  • Perfect system for consultants, coaches and professional service providers