How To Make 10k When You Wake Up

How To Make 10k When You Wake Up

“How I Create A Secondary Income By Sleeping!”

We all know that one way to create a secondary income is to sell a product or services online.

If you do it right.

This can potentially be very lucrative.

But one of the things most people hate about being in business is the thought of having to sell something.

They always tell me : 

      “I can’t do that as I don’t know how to do sales”

      “I am not good at talking to people”

      “It’s hard for me as I’m not a salesperson”

The thing is…

This was true in the 90s.

Where you need to talk to the customer to sell your products or services.

To earn money, you need some “salesmanship”.

You need to know how to sell.

But now with the internet

You can make money by sending a marketing message by email, messengers or whatsapp…

Here’s an example of a message that we send out : 

Here’s another example of a simple email that can get a lot of sales.

The message doesn’t have to be complicated.

It can be as simple as what I showed you.

Doing this is so much easier than talking to customers trying to sell your product or services.

Not everyone can be a salesperson.

But everyone can write simple, easy selling messages.

If you leverage the internet, you can make a whole lot more without talking to anyone on the phone.

It’s Even Possible To Make Money While You Sleep And Wake Up Richer The Next Morning!

Now with AI softwares like ChatGPT.

You eliminate the need for sales calls!

Or talking to customers.

There is no need to push sales anymore as customers come to find you on their own.

And make decisions to buy on their own.

That’s the beauty of having a Disruptive Business that leverages the internet.

So if you want to wake up richer than last night.

Starting planning for it now.

If you need help, just let me know!

Jaz Lai

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