Every Business Need A Core Message To Win

Every Business Need A Core Message To Win

The marketplace is crowded.

And it’ll continue to be crowded as new businesses emerge day by day.

Business in the modern internet era is the survival of the fittest.

Whoever stands out the most, wins.

For new businesses, it’s going to be more than just high-quality products or services.

The new way of doing business is to be customer-centric.

That’s how businesses survive and thrive in the new era.

If you look at some of the successful businesses across industries, they share one thing in common – they stand out like roses among flowers.

And their key to standing out effectively is their unique selling proposition which is what I call it as CORE MESSAGE!

Your business needs to have a core message because you’re not the only one that sells what you’re selling.

When there are two or more businesses selling similar stuff, that’s where you need it to come in to differentiate ourselves from each other.

A core message isn’t always an offer or a feature.

It’s simply a way to stand out from the competition.

When differentiation is done right, a business could build a better brand presence and make more sales.

5 steps to create a strong core message

The process of creating a strong and effective core message isn’t hard. 

It isn’t straightforward either.

Just follow these 5 steps and you’re on your way to becoming a six-figure business.

Step 1: Identify your ideal customer 

Marketing success comes from knowing who you’re targeting.

Therefore, an ideal customer profile is the first step in any marketing campaign.

Targeting everyone is a recipe for disaster.

Because talking to everyone is talking to no one.

When you know who you’re targeting, you’ll know the information necessary to get your customer’s attention and what kind of offers they’ll be interested in.

Instead of being generic, your business stands out to a selected group of people.

These people are your target customers

Marketing to target customers is much more effective as compared to marketing generically.

Step 2: Find out your target customers pain points and needs

Once you know who you’re going to target, you’ll know what kind of solution, service, and products they need.

Making sales is as simple as serving your target customers in a way that only you can.

That’s where pain points and solutions come in.

These two pillars create a gap in the marketplace.

It’s the gap between buyers and sellers that creates a monetary value in products and services across industries.

If you can articulate this gap in a compelling way, you’ll be perceived as having high value in the market.

This will allow you to charge higher prices.

And this gap will also give your business a competitive advantage as your product or service is high in value and demand.

Step 3: Analyze your competitors thoroughly

The key to being unique is to be different.

You have to find out what your competitors are currently doing.

And do something different that’s relevant to your target customers.

It’s the only way to break through the noise in the marketplace.

Competitor analysis is important because your competitors are selling a similar product or service as you.

Remember the last time you can’t decide which restaurant to go to because they are all the same?

That’s how your target customers see the market.

A core message is crucial to capturing market share.

In other words, a USP could help you dominate the market if it’s done right.

Do take your competitive analysis seriously.

You’ll never know how crucial it is until you see the results yourself.

Step 4: Figure out what makes your business different

After a thorough competitive analysis, you should know what your competitors are doing in their marketing, what’s working for them, and what they are lacking.

If you’re still unclear about your industry and competitors in general, I’d suggest you clarify your research before moving on.

Now you know some things about your competitors.

The next thing you should do is figure out what you can do better based on your competitive analysis.

There are things that your competitors couldn’t do due to certain constraints.

That’s your opening to differentiate your business from them.

Being different while selling a similar product or service gives your customers a reason to choose you over your competitors.

Some of them might see the value in what you do differently and choose to do business with you. 

Step 5: Highlight your core message

You know who to target.

Did your competitive research.

And you know what you can do better and differently.

What’s left is to articulate your core message in short and digestible sentences. 

This will be used in all your marketing materials.

Whether you’re running an ad or driving traffic to your website, you should always highlight your USP.

It’s what makes you unique.

Your customers are definitely comparing your brand with ten other competitors who sell similar products or services as you.

You either stand out or you don’t.

You only have a few seconds to make an impression once your target customers land on your marketing materials.

Never waste any effort trying to highlight unnecessary things other than your USP.

Let’s see how other successful brands write their USP in the next section.

Examples of core message by successful brands

Hello Fresh is a company that sells meal kits to busy families on a weekly basis.

Their core message is : Take the stress out of mealtime

They realize that not all mothers are free to cook for the family every day.

So they provide an easy-to-prepare, delicious meal kit to take the stress out of mealtime.

What’s unique about Hello Fresh: 

  • They make meal prepping easier by delivering the recipes and ingredients to their customer’s doorstep
  • Customers can customize their meals according to their diet preference and delivery frequency
  • It’s available for everyone with no contract or subscription needed (flexible meal planning for the entire week)


Canva is created for non-designers to create designs without prior experience or complex software.

That’s why their core message is : Empowering the world to design

They simplify design to its core which is creating illustrations that captivate.

Whoever uses Canva won’t have to worry about their designs looking amateur because Canva does most of the work for them.

What’s unique about Canva:

  • A simple, drag-and-drop design tool that anyone can use without prior design experience
  • They take all the hassle out of design work (users can focus on creating world-class designs with a few clicks of a button)
  • Anyone can be a designer. All that’s needed is the passion to create stunning illustrations


Death Wish Coffee brands themselves as the world’s strongest coffee.

If the coffee doesn’t live up to its expectation, you’ll get a refund. 

Claiming to be the strongest coffee is bold.

Yet, highly effective when done right.

So without a doubt their core message is : The world’s strongest coffee

What’s unique about Death Wish Coffee:

  • Their overall brand feel matches their bold claim (it looks “dangerously strong” by their illustrations and logo)
  • Their website host the boldest claim in the coffee industry
  • Customers don’t risk anything by trying because they offer a refund for every unsatisfied purchase

Final words

Core messages are the bare minimum for any business to succeed in the marketplace.

Crafting game-changing core messages might take some time but it’s worth the investment.

So, take your time to go through each step in this article and create a core message to break through the noise.

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