The Best Wedding of The Year

The Best Wedding of The Year

I’ve to warn you… my first post of the year is going to be quite a long one.

If you stay to read on, you’ll understand why I’m so excited to share my happiness with you.

And I assure you that there’s lots of valuable tips packed in this blogpost.

So, as you probably know… it’s been a week since my wedding banquet.

But somehow, it feels as though everything just happened yesterday.

I still get excited every time I think about it before going to bed.

It certainly was a wedding like no other.

All the guest were seated at their table in the ballroom anticipating the arrival of the bride and groom.

But everyone soon became bewildered when the banquet commenced with a rather odd message that appeared on the projector screen.

It read, “We are sorry to announce that the wedding banquet is cancelled because the Bride and Groom have met with some unforeseen circumstances and are not able to make it on time. However, the banquet will still carry on and we would like you to watch a short video clip of the wedding ceremony that managed to take place earlier today… We hope you enjoy your dinner.”


Then, a scene of what seemed to be the usual oriental wedding customary practice took over the big screen.

My band of brothers (best-men) and I, went over to my in-laws’ to receive my bride.

Everything resembled the usual wedding video that you see in most banquets until a series of unfortunate events unfolded before the audiences’ eyes.

My bride was kidnapped and I was held captive by some weapon wielding hooligans who knocked me unconscious.

There were mixed reactions in the crowd. Some people became worried, a few others seemed to be spell-bound by the screen not knowing how to react.

It was a video, that no one expected to watch at a banquet.

Somehow I managed to escape and I successfully knocked down five baddies single-handedly in the video.

I even sent a guy flying 2 storeys high with an uppercut punch!

Everyone was eventually relieved when they realized they were actually watching a movie all along!

The movie ended with me rescuing my bride as we made our way to the wedding banquet with a stolen car.

Then, accompanied with a timely romantic song, the lights came on in the ballroom as shimmering confetti’s were being popped all around the room.

Everyone began cheering wildly when we entered the ballroom arm in arm.

It was a grand entrance.

Everyone was having lots of fun throughout the banquet.

It was definitely a night to remember.

Friends and relatives came up to us telling us that this was by far the best wedding banquet they have ever attended.

Atlas, our 6 months of intensive planning and hard work have finally paid off.

We have made our wedding day memorable not only for us, but for our friends and relatives as well.

You might have realized, most wedding banquets are pretty standard.

It usually begins with a short video montage of the newly wed’s childhood and wedding photos.

Then the newly weds will make an grand entrance before being invited on stage to make a toast.

While food are being served, both the bride and groom will walk to every table in the ballroom to take group photos with the guests.

Then the banquet ends subtly without a note as guests bid the family farewell after they finish the last dish of the night.

And we didn’t want ours to be “just another wedding”.

We wanted our guests to leave happily with a positive and lasting impression.

Instead, we took the usual wedding banquet “template” (for a lack of a better description)… personalize it and made it our own.

That’s how our wedding stood out from the rest.

And I found that taking something that’s been proven to work and adding your own personal touch to it can bring you even greater results.

This also applies to your internet business.

In fact, one of the things that I pride myself on in my internet business, is my ability to effectively sell through emails.

I could easily rake in between $2000-$10,000 in 24 hours just by sending an email to my subscribers.

But of course, l started out with using proven email formulas taught by various internet gurus.

I experimented with quite a lot of different types of emails. Some worked, so didn’t.

Some of the email formulas that have worked very well for me over the years includes:

– Hypey but very short emails that creates lot of curiosity.
– Content emails that gives away 1 or 2 tips that my subscribers can apply and see results.
– Giving fair and honest opinions about a product that I have used or have used
by others. (soft-selling)

But what really made the huge difference in my income over the years, is the way I personalized my emails that my subscribers can relate to.

I decided to add in a personal touch to my emails. I wrote my emails to them as if I’m writing a letter to a very close friend.

I’ll also tell them about what I’m doing… share stories about my travels and personal experiences and I’ll even add a picture to the email.

Recently, I sent a couple of emails to my subscribers about how I would like to celebrate my wedding with them by giving them a special gift.

I was going to invite my long-time friend and mentor, Daegan Smith to come down to Asia to give a 2-day live training (By the way, all the seats are sold out)

I learnt many useful strategies from Daegan that made a whole lot of difference to my business and I wanted my subscribers to be able to learn from him as well.

There were only 50 seats available for this training and majority of it were taken up when I sent out a “post wedding” email that described the amount of fun my subscribers could be in for if they were present at my wedding.

Amazing, isn’t it.

There’s not really a whole lot of science into it… just that most people tend to forget that an internet business is a business about people.

NOT the internet… and most certainly… NOT the computer.

When a customer hands you his money and buys your product, it is his way of saying,

“I like you and I trust you”.

With all the competiton on the internet that’s selling similar products, the only way to dominate the market is to set yourself apart from the rest.

Just like how…

Sony dominates the electronics market.
Apple dominates smart phones
Mac Donald’s dominates the fast-food industry… etc.

Ask yourself, how can you be different?

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, how can you improve the way of doing things?

When I first learnt about how to build an internet business, I found that many internet gurus give really great tips.

But most of them don’t provide with very good hands on support. The most I got when I needed help was their email.

Unfortunately, not many of them are on the ball with their email support which could take days or a week to answer my question.

The most frustrating part about it is that when they do get back to me, I couldn’t understand their written instructions.

I mean c’mon… I was a complete newbie then.

To me, giving great support to my students is a huge thing.

I didn’t want my students to struggle with “figuring things out” like I did.

So I have a team of well-trained coaches that my students can communicate with.

Whenever they need help, they can talk to one of my coaches over the phone to solve the problem.

If things still doesn’t work out, we allow them to make an appointment to drop by the office at no charge!

Till today, I still have students coming back to me saying that I provide the best customer support.

And because of this, their friends want to take up my course too.

Again, that’s what I did… I found a proven solution (for this case, providing customer support) and I improve it by personalizing it (giving more personal and intimate help to the customers).

You’ll soon realize that you can also apply this formula to other areas of your life including your internet business.

So remember, the next time you want to do anything successful…

Find a proven solution and add your personal touch to it and you’ll be amazed by the results.

With that, me and my wife would like you to wish you a fulfilling “Dragon” year that is filled with Love and Wealth!