Buying Designers Goods Doesn’t Make Me Happy

Buying Designers Goods Doesn’t Make Me Happy

Whenever school opens at the beginning of the year.

I will have our usual “sewing of the name tag on the school uniform” session.

Yes, I’m the one who is doing the sewing.

Whenever my son or my wife needs to alter their clothes…

I’m the one who handles all the sewing.

Not the ladies in the house but the man in the house!


Anyway, since it’s midweek… I wanna share something really quick with you.

In the past, I was fascinated by things like cars, shoes, and watches.

The first few years when I was making money from my disruptive businesses.

There’s no denying that I spend a lot of money on designer products.

(My monthly designer shopping spree)

But after I’ve got all this… I realized that it doesn’t really make that much of a difference to my life.

My joys are all short-lived.

Buying it makes you happy, but afterward, everything goes back to normal.

Now, I would prefer to devote more time to my family or to buying assets.

Especially my two adorable children.

A pair of Nike is as good as a Gucci.

A Zara T-shirt is as good as a Louis Vuitton.

The majority of people are poor, but their closets are full of overproduced designer goods.

Because of this, I prefer to stay at home and play with my kids instead of going shopping.

It is more fulfilling to do simple tasks like sewing than to spend money getting high on branded goods.

If you’re sick of your life and want to change it…

If you feel ‘struck’ and you want to upgrade your life…

If you are struggling with your business and YOU WANT FREEDOM!

Then come join me in this Disruptive Business journey.

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