The 1st Step To Having A 6 Figure Internet Business

The 1st Step To Having A 6 Figure Internet Business

A few days back, I received contrasting comments from two of my students on Facebook.

Reading those comments, it highlighted to me once again how mindsets are what make or break your ability to succeed.

In my business, I’ve seen it countless times while coaching my students.

It’s often easy to tell who are the ones who will succeed, and who are the ones who will not.

Truth is, everyone can do it. Success is a choice.

It’s just a matter of looking beyond one’s self-imposed limitations.


If you’ll refer to the screenshot on top, Lets call him H – who is one of my students – wasn’t too encouraged after getting 8 opt-ins on his list, and with no sales.

In all fairness, 8 opt-ins isn’t a figure to boast about since this is the first time he started driving traffic to his website.

But the mindset after getting 8 opt-ins was one of dejection.

H sounded like he had a thought of giving up.

For someone who’s new to the business, this happens so often it’s almost scary.

This is the type of mentality that separates the winners and the losers.

Now, if you’ll refer to the second image I’ve attached above, you’ll notice that another of my students, let’s call him L, managed to get 4 opt-ins from 3,000 clicks (with no sales also).

In my opinion, that’s a very bad conversion rate. But yet, he is so happy that he managed to get opt-ins.

In fact, now that he know how to get leads, he is motivated to strive even harder.

The contrasting mindsets between H and L suggests that these two will make very different decisions on their journey to success.

In ‘The Little Big Things’ by Tom Peters, a world-renowned author on business management practices, he stated that, “To succeed, you have to try more stuff than the other guy – fast.”

He proceeds to mention that, “If you spend the time to try more stuff, you’ll make lots of mistakes.”

And then, he said, “Hence, screwing up a lot is a very good sign of progress – perhaps the only sure sign.”

Therefore, in conclusion, he added that, “We must celebrate screw-ups!”

I made a passing comment in my post last week that failure is a form of feedback.

Clearly, both H and L received their feedback.

Instead of pondering on the issue, which in H’s case was “only 4 opt-ins”, why not ponder on the solution instead?

The question is therefore, “how do I get more opt-ins subscribers then?”

At the end of the day, I’d like to ask my readers this question. Which is more empowering?

“Oh shit, I lost my job.”


“Oh shit, I lost my job. What do I do now?”

Think about it.

In the meantime, I’d like to leave you guys with a quote from Phil Daniels, a successful Australian businessman, who attributed his success to six words – “Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.”

Remember, success is a choice. YOUR choice.

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