There Is A Credit Card In Your Mailbox!

There Is A Credit Card In Your Mailbox!

Credit card

There is a credit of $1440 available to you which expires at 11.59 pm tonight.” 

What are you going to do?

Would you spend the money? 

And make full use of the $1440 credit before it expires?

Or would you prefer to spend a few hundred dollars and let the rest expire? 

I’m pretty sure you’ll want to spend every single cent right?

Now imagine getting a $1440 credit card every single day with the same rules.. 

What would you do? 

Will you retire immediately from work…

And meanwhile, maximizing every dollar?

Now, Let’s think for a moment. 

Every single day, we have 1440 minutes to spend.

You cannot buy or save time.  

The only thing you can use is time. 

What would you do with it? 

Always use your time wisely.. 

Because Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone Forever!

You should spend time with your family… Especially your kids.

And enjoy your life on this earth.

Yes, I understand. 

     “But Jaz.. Due to my 9-5 job, I can’t spend my time however I want!”

     “But Jaz.. I can’t spend my time how I want because I don’t have enough money!”

It’s for that reason I write you this post.

I want to tell you that you can do the things that truly matter to you.

Without worrying about money.

Go and start your disruptive business now.

Jaz Lai

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  • I will fully utilise one time to purchase my year end trip air ticket.