Because Your English Sucks, I Can’t Trust You!

Because Your English Sucks, I Can’t Trust You!

Jack (my subscriber) commented on my previous email :

You wrote, “… me and my team are still relaxing…”

When speaking properly, you would not say, “me is still relaxing.” “My team is still relaxing would be OK.”

Proper English ALWAYS requires you to say, “My team and I are still relaxing.”

Don’t say phrases like, “Me and Joe ate pizza.” Always say, “Joe and I ate pizza.”

Hope that helps. Regardless of any personal belief in the importance of good English usage, the FACT remains you will lose a LOT of credibility when making simple English errors. My belief is that when a writer could care less about having important English content properly edited, they probably perform everything else in the same half-ass manner.

What are my qualifications to make these comments? I have earned an undergraduate degree in English, a Doctor of Jurisprudence law degree and a PhD in International Trade.

Well, I sent out an email a couple of days back about clearing off your debts, and I received a reply from one of my subscribers.

As you can see from the quote above, my subscriber proceeded to correct my English and even gave me some advice, which I highly appreciate.

Some of you may wonder if I would be offended (especially when he said I WILL always perform in a half-ass manner).


The truth is as far as it can get.

I have already accepted that my English is not the best in the world (I got an F in school), so it wasn’t an insult or anything.

But I feel that it is important to show everyone this reply, and my response to it because I don’t believe that my English standard presents a handicap to my business.

Truth is, sometimes, we really don’t have the time to get our English properly edited before we send out our emails.

Especially when we are sending out daily emails.

So, instead of waiting for my writer to come back with my edited email.

I’d rather write out the email myself, and have it sent out immediately. At least the message comes from my heart.

In my opinion, my business would not have succeeded without sincerity, and that is what makes my business tick.

Subscribers are not stupid people. My subscribers are smart, as highlighted in the quote above. Just look at Jack’s qualifications.

A degree in English and a PhD in International Trade.

And me… I can’t even pass my secondary school English exam.

But what I can tell you is that people can detect sincerity.

They know when someone is typing up emails just to get their subscribers to buy something, and they know when the person really cares too.

Besides, people can lie about many things, but results and statistics don’t lie.

It’s the passion about your business that brings the money, not the other way round.

We are a success, simply because we love what we do, with or without a handicap in English.

Sure, subscribers may wonder about my credibility, but that’s at the initial phase.

They always come to realise later on that the passion is obvious. Because let’s face it, finding someone who actually cares in this day and age is rare.

Everyone is out to sell someone something nowadays, be it themselves or their products.

The number of people I know who actually cares is always in my inner circle, and if I ever recommend someone, it’s because I hold that person in high esteem.

These people are always passionate about their business.

Mind you, it’s not the drive to earn the money.

The money will come, it’s almost a given. It’s the love for their work, and the overwhelming need to share without asking for anything back.

That itself works wonders. People often ask me how I managed to become a success, and I tell them the same thing always. Sincerity and passion.

People like people who care, that’s the truth. Throw in passion, and everything skyrockets.

You won’t ever find anything a chore if you are passionate about it. In fact, from the moment you wake up, you will be consumed by a desire to keep going with what you do.

I like to compare this to the courtship process in dating. When a man really likes a lady, he will be motivated on his own to chase her. It works the same way.

So for those out there who think that, just because your English is not up to scratch, please do not be discouraged! Always remember… there are many successful businessmen in Asia, and it’s not because their English is good!

Hope that helps!