Are You Stopping Yourself From Being Successful?

Are You Stopping Yourself From Being Successful?

Before I start I want to welcome a new addition to our family.

Her name is Levine and and she is my new niece.

I am officially an UNCLE. So you can call me UNCLE JAZ!

Hopefully she can grow up to be a successful internet entrepreneur just like me. : )

Ok back to business…

Over the years, as my business grew bigger and bigger, I began to realise a few truths.

For one, success is not easy.


Many people see me for where I am today, but they never saw the amount of effort I went through, the time I put in, and the challenging moments I handled in order to get to today.

I came from the back of a failed business. I was at my lowest, before I made the decision to never end up at the bottom again.

A lot of people will never get to where I was. In a way, that’s good, because it isn’t a good place to be at.

And yet sometimes, it makes me wonder if people have to get to where I was, before they finally stop making all the excuses, and start doing something for themselves.

Perhaps it’s because of the culture these days, but I refuse to believe that that’s a good enough reason.

I have seen it all in my years of coaching. Excuses, excuses and more excuses.

To me, nothing is a good enough reason for your lack of success. It’s always excuses.

The truth is, we’re not bound by anything.

If you have a business idea, and you need a capital of $30,000, and your bank has only $100, you are right to believe that you are restricted.

But nothing’s stopping you from getting out there to make that $30,000 to get to your dream.

It is not easy, but it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

Your willingness to get out of your comfort zone and dare to achieve what you want is the only thing that stops you.

Stop blaming your circumstances. If you’re not born rich, just remember – so are the other few billion people in this world.

I was not born rich, but I managed to get to where I am today, because I put in the effort.

I didn’t tell myself that I had no time on my hands, or that I didn’t have money. I just went out and did it.

If I had to sacrifice my sleep, I did.

If I had to make more money to learn traffic generation strategies, I did.

I got to where I am today because I didn’t give myself a reason to fail. I planned for my success by putting all my effort into it.

And the end result?

Today, with the click of an email, I can make $10,000 and more if I wanted to.

I paid for my success with my time, energy, and money.

In return, I got back everything and more.

Now my question to you is, do you want success hard enough?

If you do, then you will not allow anything to stand in your way.

Not the hundreds of excuses that you can potentially come up with, because trust me, I have seen it all.

I have had students who wanted to give up because, they wrote four articles, and they are not getting the traffic they want to their website.

Seriously? Four articles? That’s barely getting your feet wet in the pool.

I also had students who felt despondent after getting 50 subscribers and no sales. 50 subscribers is a small list in the Internet Marketing world.

I have a 80,000 list, and some of the gurus out there have 6-figure lists. 50 subscribers is merely a pinch of salt.

And sometimes, I would encounter students who think that they don’t know enough.

They would come to me and say, “Hey Jaz, I need to spend some time learning more materials before I can start working on my website.”

That may sound valid, but in my training, I teach all my students a comprehensive method to earning money online.

So why is there a need to learn so much more?

Heck, I even give them the website. All they need to do is start following my strategies. Wash, rinse, repeat.

That’s all.

Now, I’ll admit that knowledge is good, but too much knowledge will only result in information overload and inaction.

I know because I’ve been there before.

I got flooded by so much information that I didn’t even know where to start.

Eventually, I had to tell myself to go back to basics, and start with a clean slate.

At the end of the day, what’s most important is action.

You may talk up a storm, but people just want to see results. If you got none, then work on that.

Everything else does not matter till then. Your circumstances don’t matter.

Every day, you get a choice of how you want to live your life when you wake up.

So get to it. Stop giving yourself excuses.