The New Rich – Look Out For Them

The New Rich – Look Out For Them

Over the last 2 weekends, I have been doing 3 full days of live training, back to back.

With little rest, I could feel the effects taking its toll on my body.

The previous live training I did was about 5 months ago and I made sure I got a lot of rest time before I charged up for my next live training.

So it’s definitely going to take me a little time of getting used to teaching again.

Last weekend was a little unfortunate for me. I fell ill half way through the course and I had to get my trainers to help me cover some of the topics.

But even though I was feeling sick, nothing can take away the joy I have when I see my students creating success using our proven system.

Here are some of the fantastic results that I want to share with you.

Even before our training ends, one of our students is already generating 30+ leads into his business.


And take a look at Pauline’s result, she did exactly what we told her to do and on the last day of the training, she actually got her first sale online.

Do keep in mind though that the testimonials you see here are your average regular folks who have no IT knowledge at all.

And look at what happen 1 week after attending the 3 days live training workshop?

These are just some of the students whom we have communicated with.

I am sure there are a few more that are was just too shy to share their results.

Besides them, there are also a few outstanding students that I am really proud of.

Look at Nicholas…

Only 10 days after the workshop, he had generated a cool $347.50 online.

And not forgetting students from the previous batch – Wong YK, who is showed us the reason why he love OTOs (One-Time-Offer).

And of course let’s not forget our new up and coming internet superstar – Desmond Ang, who had a big break when he generated $811.25 in a day.

I am really proud of them.

Watch out for them as they will be coming in to dominate the internet marketing arena real soon.

And before I go, I wanted to give a special shout out to Kelvin Ng.

Kelvin is a young man in his early twenties, who was recently diagnosed with cancer just about a week before the 3 days live training workshop.

When he arrived in class, I was told that he underwent chemotherapy earlier in the morning so he was feeling a little weak.

His Mum accompanied him to and helped to take notes in case he dozed off.

What really moved me was… this young man didn’t give in to his illness.

He stayed awake throughout the 3 days no matter how tired he was.

This guy’s a fighter.

And I can tell you… his determination and perseverance paid off.

When he went home, he applied what he learnt from the workshop… and voila~!

He made his first sale on the internet!

And he had another came in on the 24th April.

I’m sure, with the consistent amount of action that Kelvin is taking… in no time, his internet business is going to pull in endless amount of cash like a true internet entrepreneur’s.

Kelvin is definitely someone who truly deserves our utmost admiration.

If he can overcome his obstacles in order to achieve what he wants.

I’m sure so can you.

Jaz Lai

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