How Desmond Escape The Rat Race In Less Than 3 Months

How Desmond Escape The Rat Race In Less Than 3 Months

Today, I want to share with you a success story of Desmond Ang.

We actually did an interview with Desmond awhile ago but because of the hectic schedule, I’m only able to roll this one out today. *Forgive me… =’o(

And the reason, why I thought Desmond’s experience would be perfect for today’s blogpost because I’m pretty sure many people would be able to relate to his story.

Desmond is forty years of age and he’s married with two kids.

Like most regular middle-age Singaporean men his age, Desmond has lots of responsibilities to take care of.

– He needs to fetch his kids from school
– Monitor his kids’ progress at school
– Take care of bills
– Put food on the table for his family
– He needs to make sure that his elderly parents are well-taken care off
– Spend time with the family
– Keep his job… etc.

For awhile, Desmond found himself caught in a great dilema… His full-time job.

It was stable and it helped fulfill the needs of an average middle class household.

But he often work up to 10 hours a day.

And he was starting to get sick of it.

He feared that he might end up working for life.

So he started looking for answers and he was open to any opportunities that might present itself.

Then, almost by a stroke of luck or it seems…

Desmond chanced upon an ad in the newspapers that promoted a self-development seminar, which focused on financial freedom.

He attended the seminar and it opened his eyes to a whole new world.

Phrases like, “Passive Income, Residual Income, Work from home, Make money while you sleep”…
are jargons he didn’t quite able to grasps before, but now he understands the need of it.

After 3 days intense Seminar, Desmond’s had a complete shift in mentality.

He had a new goal, to retire young and rich so he can enjoy life and spend more time with his family.

Things are becoming more apparent and he now realizes that he’s in need of a back up plan
more than ever.

Desmond attended an Internet seminar and that’s how he got to know about my program.

I was one of the featured speakers and I was sharing with the audience how easy it is to build a business on the internet and get paid even while they are sleeping.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that… there’s something really “huge” that I found out about Desmond during the interview.

Desmond is working as a Project Manager in the I.T. industry, but he never knew anything about making money online prior to attending the seminar!

And he didn’t realize that all this while, he’s been helping to make his customers rich but not himself until now.

Now you see, this is just another perfect example of a “myth-buster”.

Doesn’t mean if you’ve been working with computers or the internet for years means you know how to make lots of money from it.

It’s a completely different skill and mindset.

So, Desmond decided to take up my program and what attracted him to it was the fact that he could learn how to send an email and rake in a nasty income out of it.

After the 3 days hands on workshop, Desmond put the strategies he learnt from my program, to the test.

Within less than a week, he got his first sale – a measly $1 sale.

Although it’s not much, but it opened his eyes.

He realized that if he knew how to make $1 from the internet, all he needed to do is to focus on the strategies that worked for him and just repeat it.

Then the following month, he made his first $1000.

And when he continue to send out the email method that we taught him, he hit his highest commission of $811.25 in a day.

The commission he earned is 50% of the affiliate products. If you talk about sales, he should have close double that figure and the sales amount will be $1622 in only 1 day.

And he is using his earning that day to buy a new ipad.

With his new found confident, he continue to send out daily emails and in 10 days time. He hit another jackpot.

$822 commission in a day.

And that was the start to his passive income.

So you probably ask, what’s his winning strategy?

Desmond says, “sending emails and building relationship is the key”… and you need to promote high-end products.

“Work the business consistently… it’s the consistency in your efforts that will bring in results consistently,” he reaffirms.

If you are asking what he and the rest of our students did to get such wonderful results…

Then ask me about our internet workshop.

In our workshop, you will discover 2 of the quickest way to see results online even if you are a total newbie or know nothing about computer.

We will have 1 final workshop for this year and seats are already filling in fast even before I start marketing it.

If you are interested in our last and final workshop in Singapore and Malaysia, drop me a personal email to with your name and contact details and I will give you more information about our proven system.

Success is not an accident.

Jaz Lai

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