4 More Success Stories From Our Students

4 More Success Stories From Our Students

In my previous post, I spoke about sincerity and passion.

I have always believed that they are necessary ingredients to being successful in whatever you do.

Sincerity and passion also creates the willingness to push forward. But we’re only human, and there will be times when we get tired of pushing for a result (especially when there is none to show for).

Or when life catches up with us, and we have to split our focus on to other things.

That’s when we have to grit our teeth and really be persistent.

And today, I am glad to say that persistence has paid off for me, and of course, my amazing students who believe in what I teach.

They say that proof is in the pudding, so here’s proof #1:

Loy is our first example, of the next few to come.


He enrolled for our training in November.

And as we’ve stated over and over again in our training, our research has consistently proved that our method works.

Loy found that out first hand.

But what’s more important is, he managed to get a sale with less than 10 subscribers in his system.

Sometimes, such things still blow our minds here at the office.

10 subscribers. And 1 sale. That is fast!

The really good thing is, he listened to our advice and didn’t deviate from his course of action. All he did was to ensure that he drove traffic. That’s it.

Likewise, another student of ours is also seeing results.

It’s been a month of 2 after they finished our training that their sales start coming in.

In that time, a lot of other people would have given up already.

But the ones who hung around and persisted eventually saw their efforts pay off. Sure, you may say that a sale is nothing, but a sale means a lot to these people.

To them, it’s proof that this thing works. It’s also the cue for them to keep going, and not give up.

And with this 1 sale, it will lead to their second sales follow by the third and so on…

Many people have this misconception that making money online is an instant thing. That is only partly true.

Like an actual offline business, it often takes time before you see results. Some people are lucky enough to see results fast, like Loy with 10 subscribers.

Some take months and hundreds of subscribers before something substantial happens.

In the case of Carson, he managed to get results after attending an exclusive webinar that we held for our students.

And of course, our star of the day is – Desmond Ang, whose results will truly inspire those who want to see proof that we are not just talk.

His comments have highlighted once again for everyone that it IS not just possible to make money online, but you can definitely make more than pennies! (if you choose not to give up after just a few weeks!)

Most importantly once again, he just followed our instructions and did not take his own initiative to go try out some new guru’s method about Facebook marketing and whatnot.

He took our tried and tested methods, and made 6 sales with it. For someone who’s new to the business, this is a big boost of confidence.

I am very sure that he will go very far with his business if he persists with the plan we laid out for him.

I hope that this post will inspire those out there who are not seeing results and thinking of giving up.

We have 4 solid testimonials, and they are all persisting with their Internet business. I don’t see why yours should be any less different!

Take note that we are opening up our renown 3 Days LIVE Workshop very soon. If you are interested, drop us an email to askjaz@jazlai.com for more information. We will let you know when’s the next available date.

Jaz Lai

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