Remove Money Sucking Middle Man

Remove Money Sucking Middle Man

Last weekend Shannon (One of my leaders) shared with the team that he got his room painted!

And to prepare for it, he and his mum went to a hardware shop selling Nippon paints near their place.

The whole house needed 6 tins of paint.

A tin cost $82 and his mother asked if there was any discount 🤣

The staff responded, “Aunty, cannot lah, you know I sell one tin, we only make $4.”

Shannon was quite surprised by the business owner’s earnings of only $4.

That’s a small profit for a tin of paint that costs $82!

And most of us don’t paint our houses very often.

We only do it once in a blue moon.

Hence, selling Nippon Paint is quite challenging.

One of the main reasons why even when the selling price is $82…

The aunty retailer only makes $4 because….

Nippon Paint Has To Leak The Profits Through Several Distribution Channels Before It Reaches Her

The brand owner sells to the distributor.

The distributor sells to the wholesaler.

Wholesalers sell to retailers.

From the retailer to the customer.

By the time it reaches the customers, a $20 product will cost $80.

Everyone in the middle wants a piece of the profit.

That’s exactly what I discovered!

The secret to getting all the profits and margins by removing the middleman.

So that all the profits go to you!

Your extra profit can be used for either more marketing…

Or to sell your product a little less expensive than your competition…

So that customers flock to your stall.

I have been using this method for the past 6 years, which I call the DTC method.

Never before have I shared this…

However, I want to help you.

My Goal Is To Show You…

How To Eliminate All The Money Sucking Middlemen To Get Maximum Profits From Selling Your Products.

This is not exactly new but this is damn effective in getting more profits for your business.

Go here and register for this training now.

Then go and block the date out in your calendar.


Jaz Lai

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