Made My First Dollar 16 Years Ago

Made My First Dollar 16 Years Ago

I was looking through my FB and I was reminded of this.

It’s been 16 years since I started making my first dollar online.

The first few years of my online career (2004 – 2008) were a struggle because I had no one to learn from.

I still remember buying a domain name at $50 as compared to less than $10 now.

And you can only create 1 website per hosting account.

Now 1 hosting account can create unlimited websites.

There is no Youtube, no Facebook, no Instagram to get customers.

We can only depend on Google and eBay to find customers.

Those were the days.

Now, you can find all kinds of information online to help you start a successful business.

But even with this…

I still see a lot of businesses doing things the traditional ways.

Your business will not grow if you do not leverage on any online marketing strategies.

Whether you are running an online or offline business.

As long as your competitors leverage online strategies, you’ll lose.

After more than a decade in business…

Having tried and tested so many strategies…

There Are THREE Main Methods That You Can Use Within The Next Few Months To Double Or Even Triple Your Revenue!

…or if you’re thinking about starting a new business…

You MUST  start a disruptive one!


P.S. Why do you need to believe what I said?

After 13 years, I have my dream car.

I live in Bukit Timah.

Before Covid, I brought my family for holiday at least 4 times a year.

I can do anything I want without worrying that I can’t afford it.

Look… I’m not saying this to brag.

But to tell you that what I’m going to share with you works!

It’s as simple as that.

If you want to know how I did it and how you can do the same…

Drop me a PM!

Jaz Lai

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