I Am Old And I Am Afraid This Won’t Work For Me

I Am Old And I Am Afraid This Won’t Work For Me

I receive this question a lot.

Question : I’m a retiree and want to consider starting my own business. Do you think it is going to be difficult for me?

No, it definitely is not too old, but since you have earned the wisdom of your years…

You will need to put that wisdom to work for you rather than against you. 

Starting a new business is a low risk but high rewards decision. 

You are never too old to make a difference.

It doesn’t matter what age you are. 

And look at this latest news…

The research suggests, older age is associated with higher levels of entrepreneurial success.

In their findings, it indicates older entrepreneurs have :

  • Accumulated business and life experience
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Social networks and resources

All these equip them for success.

They also tend to have better social skills…

And are better able to regulate their emotions, than those young ones.

They have a lot more patience as well.

So the only thing which really matters is…

At what time did you make that smart decision to start a business?

If there’s something you want to start on your own, “GO FOR IT!”

Let me show you how “Old Entrepreneur” like you can beat young entrepreneurs by using this Disruptive Entrepreneurs Blueprint.

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Jaz Lai

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