How Forture Telling Can Increase Your Sales

How Forture Telling Can Increase Your Sales

One of the MOST important rule for any Entrepreneur is to Know Your Customers.

When you know the problems of your customers, it’s like Fortune Telling.

When I am talking about knowing your customers, I am not talking about just knowing their names and email addresses.

I’m referring to knowing and relating to your customers on an emotional level.

If you want to create a business that brings in at least six figures this year…

Then you better be prepared to know Your Customers better starting from TODAY.

If you have NOT made your first sale yet: You should Know and Understand your customer better than they know themselves.


It’s not as difficult as it sounds, especially if you remember the previous story about affecting your Customers Emotional State and not their Logical State of Mind.

If for any reason you missed the previous story or you want to read it again, here is the link
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Let’s take a look at Gary the salesman in the story again.

I woke up every morning and started sneezing non-stop for the whole day. This carries on for a very long time.

This is affecting my work and makes me really lethargic. I was shocked to know that even specialist isn’t able to cure my problem.

This went on and I have given up hope until one Saturday. A stranger named Gary appeared.

When I opened the door, he can sense that I am feeling very irritated due to my sinus problem.

He started saying “I’m pretty sure this problem of yours has been troubling you for many years, am I right?”

I started to feel relieve that someone knows what’s wrong with me and given me a solution by saying.

“I understand you are feeling very uncomfortable right now, allow me to do a demonstration of the vacuum cleaner and show you, how it will benefit you greatly.”

Gary didn’t just introduced to me his product, but instead related to me about my problem at hand then stated that this product can help me with my sinus problem.

As the days goes by and I feel so much better as I don’t sneeze at all when I woke up from bed, from there I knew that Gary really helped me a lot.

Imagine this incident happened to you, don’t you feel like someone actually understands the problem you are facing? And helping you solve your problem?

Understanding Your Customers’ Problems

If you can Identify and are able to solve your customers’ problems, it shows that you Understand them in a Deep and Personal way.

Being able to know your customers’ problem tells them Three IMPORTANT things;

1) I understand your issues at hand
2) I know what you want to achieve
3) And I’m going to help you achieve your goal

If I can describe the Pain and Struggles you’re going through in specific detail.

Wouldn’t you believe that I know why you are here and what you want to achieve?

It’s just like fortune telling. When you go to a forture teller and when they looked at your palm, they are able to tell your history without any information from you. And they did it just by looking at the lines in your palm.

Wouldn’t you be amazed everytime they do this.

Once you are able to tell them their frustration, all there is left to do is to offer them the SOLUTION to their problems .

And there is a shortcut to understanding your customers better.

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their problems. How a single problem may lead to disharmony in their lives.

But let me tell you this, YOU have The Advantage. You may be thinking right now “What Advantage Do I have?”

Do you have subscribers in the niche you are in? Comments in your Blog post? Enquiries to your email?

If you can say YES to One or All of the above, you HAVE an advantage. For those of you who have yet to get started, I urge you guys to get Started NOW.

People that have became your subscribers or following your blog SHOWS that they too are interested in what you are doing or searching for Solutions to their problem.

Now I would Encourage you to give this some serious thoughts;

– What are your customer’s problems?
– What are all the signs of those problems?
– What kind of life they’re living with those problems?
– What emotional feelings are triggered on a regular basis because they have this problem?

If you are having trouble thinking this through, then I would suggest using YOUR Own Experience.

Think about it. You’re in this business for a reason and what was it?

You’ve struggled and overcame many of the conflicts your customer is struggling with right now.

You’ve probably felt many of the same feelings and experienced many of the same emotions that your customer lives with every day.

Keep in mind: A problem you’re struggling with right now may be how you can hit your Target Sales This Year

Jaz Lai

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