$20,000 Mastermind Event In Pirate Coves, Las Vegas

$20,000 Mastermind Event In Pirate Coves, Las Vegas

Last month, I went to Vegas for the 2nd time (First time was in May) and this time I was there for an interesting mastermind event.

The mastermind session was held in Pirate Coves and it was one of the most interesting place that I have stayed.

Pirate Coves is 22,000 square feet, have 20 bedroom, 25 bath and 3 swimming pool.

Every room have their own theme and look at the “Voodoo” room that I stayed.

Pretty eerie right : )

During the mastermind event, I met up with 15 top internet marketers who is currently doing 6-7 figures online every month.

They are such nice people who are always willing to share their trade secrets and I am sure they will go on to achieve even more results online.

Here’s our group photo.

In this team there are, Russell Brunson, DC Fawcett, Brian Johnson, Greg Davis, Daegan Smith, John Jonas, Joel Paterson, Sonia Ricotti, Adam Short, Aaron Lilly, Brittany Lynch and a couple of other top marketers as well.

Here’s me and Russell Brunson from DotComSecrets.

Those guys from Niche Profit Classroom who is doing $200,000+ per month with their membership site.

With Greg Davis (Aka Mr 50K/day) and his wife Kim.

And the mole man, Aaron Lilly with Daegan Smith.

I spent $20,000 on this trip but I am very confident that I can get that back easily. And not only that, I look forward to adding in 2 more zeros with the 2 new businesses that I am going to launch next month.

The next 3-6 months will be pretty exciting as I roll out my new online businesses.


Jaz Lai

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