How Durex Condom Use Viral Marketing To Reach Millions Of Eyeballs

How Durex Condom Use Viral Marketing To Reach Millions Of Eyeballs

Saw this Durex condom video online and I found it really interesting.

It is an impressive demonstration of the power of Durex’s latex.

We can see from the video that this content will definitely go viral.

Durex will definitely see a flood of sales from this.

Over the past 10 years, I have spent a lot of money on paid advertisements.

There came a point when I didn’t want to spend so much on advertisements because they sucked up all my profits.

So 2 years ago…

I’ve focused on how to create viral content instead of spending more money on advertising.

After creating hundreds of contents…

I finally broke the egg and here’s the results I got…


Every post can reach millions of people.

And if you post a few times a week on FB, you can easily reach 10m people in a month.

After creating hundreds of viral content in my beauty, baby, education and training business…

I’m happy to say I have got it down to a science.

Here are some benefits you can get once your brand goes viral. 

  1. Lower your marketing costs drastically 
  2. You can reach a wider audience 
  3. Powerful word of mouth advertising 
  4. Chain reaction organic sharings of your contents

I used to spend days, then half a day, then hours on these contents.

As I improvised the formula along the way, now it takes me less than 10 mins to create 1 powerful viral content.

I will share with you how you can do that in this training.

Trust me, ANYONE can do this… Once I explain to you the science of it.

When your content goes viral, you can expect results like this.


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