Don’t miss this golden opportunity again!

Don’t miss this golden opportunity again!

Look what I found in a newspaper 22 years ago…


The newspapers are saying the “Internet Is Just a Passing Fad!”

Maybe you will believe it 20 years ago.

All of us know, however, that if the internet disappears, life will be as difficult as living in a cave.

You can’t access your email. You are back to writing letter.

You don’t have Google map. You have to go back to memorising street directory.

You can’t do internet bank transfers. You have to go back to queuing up in the bank.

Grab isn’t available, so you’ll have to go to the street to flag a taxi.

How troublesome will it be! 

I just can’t imagine my life without the internet now.

If you ignore the internet 20 years ago, you are just walking past goldmines!

Luckily I didn’t ignore the internet.

In fact, I bought my first ebook about internet business in 2002.


And I went on to create a lot of success in this industry.

I didn’t ignore the golden opportunity. I grab it really hard.

Since then, it has been rewarding me handsomely.

Now doing an internet business is getting harder and harder.

That’s why I have since pivot to something else.

Something even more lucrative! 

Over the last 4-5 years, I discovered a new goldmine again.

And this golden opportunity can get you results even faster than internet businesses.

It’s about starting a disruptive business.

After a few successful rounds of launching disruptive businesses.

The media are starting to recognise the term “Disruptive Entrepreneurs”.

(Remember you hear it from me first)

There are 2 routes you can take now :

  1. Ignored this
  2. Grab this golden opportunity and start your own disruptive business

If you choose number 1, you can ignore this post just like how you missed out on the internet business opportunity many years ago.

If you choose number 2, you can get started here!

Let me show you how the new age disruptive entrepreneurs are going to take the world by storm and disrupt businesses all over the world!

And you could be one of the early adapters to reap the benefits in the next few years!

Jaz Lai

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