Spring Cleaning Your List To Increase Sales

Spring Cleaning Your List To Increase Sales

Yesterday I went to my friends place for a birthday party. When I arrived, the hall looks really nice.

We chat till we touch on our hobbies. My friend ask me to follow him to his room so he can show me his model kit collections.

To my dismay, when I saw his room, It was in a total mess. Everything was out of place and very dirty.

This made me remembered the importance of keeping our home clean. This leads me to…

Spring Cleaning Time.

I don’t mean cleaning up your house but your Subscribers List.

If you don’t do it regularly, your business costs will increase and your subscriber’s list response will drop.


So what I would like to do today is to help you to increase your business potential and bring it to the Next Level?

Cleansing Like A Guru

There are 2 things I always do, one often and the other is once a year.

Now let’s talk about what I do often;

‘Providing Value’ is like thanking your subscribers for staying with you. It is also what you NEED to do for your subscribers.

This is to ensure you have a healthy subscriber list. If you are able to constantly provide value in your content, you will have a pool of responsive subscribers.

Give them good stuffs to read about.
Talk to them in your Facebook.
Share interested strategies with them.
Keep them learn new things.

Basically what you should do is to date them.

Just think how you would date a girl and do it to your list.

When you do the above, your list will become RESPONSIVE.

– Response subscribers mean they will click on your links presented to them in your emails.
– They will do what you tell them to do.
– They will buy when you ask them to buy.
– They will comment when you are them to comment.

That’s what we all are aiming for and that’s the goal for every email that you send out.

Before we move on, let’s take a look at this scenario from a subscriber point of view;

When I go online to search for personal development products, I came across this site.

First Look at their squeeze page made me wanted to opt in to find out more.

Once I subscribed to their list, true enough I received the free EBook and it was good content.

I looked at my welcome email and clicked on the link below. I am brought to a totally irrelevant website.

As time goes by, I received more and more emails that are irrelevant to what I am interested in.

And all the emails I received are hard selling emails.

Immediately I unsubscribe to prevent spam from this guy.

As you receive emails at an exponential rate from a list of marketers.

You will start to unsubscribe and won’t even bother reading anymore of those sales emails, INCLUDING YOUR’S.

If you look at this scenario, you will begin to start losing your subscribers.

So what can you do to prevent it from happening?

‘Spring Cleaning’ is the solution to the above issue which should be done Once A Year.

How Do I Know If I Should Unsubscribe?

You will need to tell your subscriber list to Unsubscribe from any or all Marketers that don’t provide them valuable content.

Doing so will make your subscribers focus on you and remove those distraction.

Below are 2 criteria on how to determine if your list should unsubscribe or not.

– Marketers That Sell But ZERO Content provided.
– Marketers that only sent out emails once they have a new product launch.

Tell your subscribers this and they will love you for telling them to stay focus.

If your subscribers remove these distractions, they will all focus on you and your emails.

So send them good stuffs. And not just good stuffs but quality stuffs.

It is so much easier to sell them products once you become their source of content providers.

Start making your subscribers focus on you and your business will grow exponentially.

Jaz Lai

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