How I Sold Out 150 Tickets To An Event Using Only Emails

How I Sold Out 150 Tickets To An Event Using Only Emails

Recently I have quite a number of people telling me that they have been swiping my emails and using it as a reference whenever they want to launch a new email campaign.

I feel honoured about it. Especially since my English is one of the subject that I drag about in school.

I even failed most of my English exams. The only subject that I like is Math. Maybe that’s why I like to count money.

So there must be a formula somewhere.

Let me share a secret with you that really makes a difference to my email.

Why am I able to sell so much products just through email itself and why people always buy when I asked them to?


When you know how the formula works, you’ll have this ‘magical’ ability to create cash at the push of a button.

And I have to be clear about this. It has got nothing to do with being a great sales person. I am not a great sales person and I guess I never will.

But ONE thing I’m really good at is Story Telling.

This is basically what differentiate a great selling email from a mediocre email

Why story telling works in email?

Because people buy based on emotions not logic.

Let’s look at some products out there for example.

Chanel handbags – Chanel handbags is one of the most sought after female bags that ladies love. Guess what’s the reason that people buy it?

Because it’s well made? because it’s beautiful? Because it’s a brand that everyone love?

Let me share with you the real reason why every female goes after it.

It’s because of the status and prestige that the bags give them.

Being well made, good quality and beautiful are fine. These are logical thinking.

But people buy because the bags can elevate them to another level of admiration and prestige.

And the same goes to Ferrari.

Does people buy Ferrari because they like Ferrari? Or is it because they enjoy the thrill a Ferrari ride gives them?

Ferrari Lusso cockpit interior yellow color.

If you are able to convey the emotional side of the products, people will bit and become your customers.

But sadly most people always focus on the logical side of the products. And after reading this, you will be one of those rare people who knows that emotional selling is much more powerful than logical selling.

Now that you know how important it is to create that emotional.

Let me show you the exact formula to sell using emails;

Below are the key steps you need to know before using the formula.

1) Identifying features of products
2) Identifying benefits of products
3) Great storytelling

It’s very easy for most people to indentify the features of a products. I am pretty sure everyone can do it.

We will use a Vacuum cleaner as an example.

The main features of a vacuum cleaner are:

– Strong suction power
– Light and mobile

Once you have narrowed down the Key Features of the Product. We will move on to the second part of the Formula

Identifying the benefits of the product.

– Strong suction power allows you to suck up stubborn dirt and dust which remove most germs which gives you a healthy house.

– Light and mobile makes it effortless to carry around the machine so that you can cover more areas in your house and this creates a much cleaner house for you and your family to reside in.

Can you see how benefit works.

Feature is about the factual statement of the product. A benefit answers the question “What’s in it for me?” And usually its results based.

Now that you know the different between features and benefits, let’s move on to storytelling.

And storytelling is the part where you make your prospects connect with you and buy your products.

Here is an example story I can think of right now.

My nose is actually quite sensitive and I sneeze a lot due to my sinus problem. I have seen doctors in regards to this issue.

To my dismay, they are unable to provide me with a cure. I have been living with this problem for more than 30 years and I am very frustrated with it.

As I woke up on a lazy Saturday morning, someone knocked on my door; I am feeling really discomfort at that moment as I am sneezing nonstop.

I walked up to the door and saw a guy selling vacuum cleaners.

At first glance I wasn’t interested in the product at all until he offered to clean up my whole house for free.

I thought to myself “I don’t have to necessary buy the product and since someone is willing to clean up my messy house for free. Why not give it a try.”

He smiled and start vacuuming my house. After 1 hour, he has done vacuuming my house and started to explain the product to me and guess what I said to him? “Sorry I’m not interested”

I went back to my usual lifestyle for a couple of days and I realize that I didn’t sneeze at all since then.

I wondered if I had taken any medication or supplements? But I didn’t see any lying around when I went searching.

When I went out to my living room and opened the windows, I realize my floor is sparkling white.

Its whiter than usual, it looks really clean.

That is when I remembered the vacuum cleaner salesman. could it be the vacuum cleaner that clear up the sinus?

I began to look for the name card he left behind to call him. I looked through the books that are on my table and found a card with the name ‘Gary’ on it.

I called Gary and I started asking him questions.

“May I know what you did at my place?”

Gary replied me confidently “I used a special formula to vacuum your floors, I believe you notice your floors gets cleaner as the day goes by right?”

I replied to him “Why didn’t you tell me on the day itself?”

He smiled “I did tell you about this formula on the day itself but you kept ignoring me and you didn’t look interested.”

I started to feel bad as I have treated him like the other sales person I encounter before.

“Gary, I would like to know more about your vacuum cleaner.”

He went on to explain that the strong suction power in the vacuum allows him to suck up stubborn dirt and dust which remove most germs on the floor which gives you a healthy house.

And because it’s light and mobile, he is able to carry the machine around the house effortlessly so that he can cover more areas in your house and this creates a much cleaner house for me and my family to reside in.

The moment he stopped.

I immediately ask him to send the machine over.

Once I purchased from him, I thank him for being the one that helped me with my Sinus problem and changed my life since then.

If you want to know exactly what brand and model of the vacuum cleaner I just brought.

Check it out here ==> LINK

This is an example of storytelling, It is more effective if you affect the readers emotional state and not their logical state.

But the mistake most people make is always to blow up the features of their products. And they always go around complaining “The product can’t sell”

Instead of “They can’t sell the products”.

As you can see, I bet you remember the story that I told you more than the features of the products right?

Conveying emotion in a story is a much more powerful way to sell and the wonderful thing is, it doesn’t looks like you are selling at all. Just trying to share a good old story with your audience.

You may now be thinking, most of us may not be a good Story Teller. But I tell you one thing;

Every One is a Great Story Teller.

Here’s why…

I was in the police station earlier to settle the change of address for my wife’s identification card. There is this couple before me lodging a police report.

The sergeant told them to describe the problem and the scenario.

I am listening attentively to the story she is telling to the sergeant and I find it really interesting as she is using actions and describing in full details the event that took place.

This proofs that when you start complaining, you can really describe something in FULL details.

We are good at telling stories even if we did it unknowingly.

We all have this talent in us and it’s up to us to find out how we can draw out this ability by Drawing, Telling or Written but of course it is not limited to these methods.

So start telling more stories in your email and you will see a marked improvement in your results.

I hope this helps you bring your email marketing experience to the next level.

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Jaz Lai

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